Understanding the Investor Code

Before you pitch - you need to understand what Investors are looking for. 60% is you - and not your idea.
Who you are and how Investors see you really matters.....We explain how. And how to make that work for your business idea.

10 Steps to Getting Funded

​Before you pitch you need cover these 10 bases.

3 Essentials to Funding

These are the 3 main things Investors look for. Bonus points tor patents..

Why Investors Only Give Your Idea 10% of Their Attention

​Once you understand this you will know how focus on the 90% that matters.


It's not about what you think you have - its about what your business looks like to angel investor?


Let's be realistic here. A lot of people have startup ideas but only a few get funded.

The difference is that the funded companies have a story that investors want to hear and they know exactly how to tell it.

It's more than just a story - it is structured story, specially calculated to anticipate all the concerns of an investor.

The first step is understanding the investor mindset - the next step is to craft your pitch.

This book will open the door for you!

Do You know what your startup looks like to an investor?